Creating a Modern Office Space

Jun 5, 2024

n today's fast-paced business world, creating a modern and flexible working environment is essential for fostering productivity and employee satisfaction. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist Hydro in transitioning to a new office space, updating it to meet contemporary standards while adhering to a tight construction timeline. Leveraging the expertise of top manufacturers such as DIRTT, MillerKnoll, Muuto, Naughtone, and Hay, we crafted an innovative solution that exceeded expectations.

Hydro faced the challenge of moving into a new office space that needed a complete overhaul to align with their vision of a modern workplace. The key requirements were a quick construction timeline to minimize downtime, creating a variety of functional private areas, ensuring flexibility in workspace design to accommodate different working styles, and incorporating modern, ergonomic office furniture to enhance employee comfort and productivity.

To address these needs, we devised a comprehensive plan that utilized state-of-the-art materials and design concepts.

Hydro's new office space required an updated, modern working environment with an expedited construction timeline. Our design included a comprehensive suite of private areas such as a wellness room, meeting spaces, a kitchen/lounge, offices, and conference rooms, all constructed with DIRTT walls. DIRTT walls offer a flexible and sustainable solution that can be customized to fit any design while allowing for quick installation, which was crucial given the client's tight timeline.

A standout feature of the new office was the conference room, which included a unique Leaf Wall by DIRTT. This innovative design allows the space to be divided into two separate conference areas when needed, providing flexibility for both large meetings and smaller, more intimate gatherings.

To ensure employee comfort and promote a healthy work environment, we selected office furniture solutions that provided sit/stand capabilities for all employees. Manufacturers like Herman Miller, Knoll, Muuto, Naughtone, and Hay were instrumental in offering a range of ergonomic and stylish furniture options that suited the modern aesthetic of the office.

Understanding that modern employees value the ability to choose where they work, we designed the floor plan to include a variety of flexible working areas. These included long communal tables, lounge areas, meeting and training rooms, and private spaces, ensuring a versatile and adaptive work environment. Employees can opt to work at long communal tables, lounge spaces, meeting/training areas, or private spaces outside their designated workstations. This flexibility supports different working styles and enhances collaboration and productivity.

The successful transformation of Hydro's new office space demonstrates the power of modern design and the importance of flexibility in today's work environments. By leveraging the innovative products and solutions from our various manufacturers, we created a workspace that not only meets the immediate needs of Hydro but also provides a sustainable and adaptable environment for the future.

This project highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and modern office solutions that drive productivity and employee satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to help businesses create spaces that inspire and support their teams.

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