Jul 25

The Marshmallow Sofa: How George Nelson and Irving Harper Brought Their Impractical Design to Life

In 1954, designers Irving Harper and George Nelson were approached by an inventor who promoted his injection plastic disks. He claimed that these disks could be manufactured inexpensively and long-lasting. Immediately, Harper and Nelson began collaborating on the project. Thus, the Marshmallow Sofa was born.

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Hybrid Workscapes and How the Process is Changing

Many companies large and small are learning to adjust to the changing office landscape post-COVID. GNC is no exception and their belief that the office space needs to be a place where employees want to come back to, coupled with the reality of remote work, drove many of the decisions.

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Steel Garden - This Summer's Outdoor Pop-Up in the Heart of Pittsburgh

Workscape is excited to announce that we're back again with three outdoor workspaces at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership's Steel Garden Pop-Up at US Steel Plaza.

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