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Dec 18, 2023

n the fall of 2023, Workscape proudly continued its tradition of supporting University of Pittsburgh Women's Athletics, becoming a presenting partner for both the women’s soccer and volleyball teams. Our commitment to the teams went beyond the realm of sports, fostering meaningful connections with charitable causes and local foundations that resonate deeply with the respective programs.

For the second consecutive season, Workscape served as Pitt volleyball's presenting partner. “[Workscape’s] partnership helped to foster a relationship between the program and ALZTogether, a cause we care deeply about,” said head coach Dan Fisher. “They allowed Pitt volleyball to not only succeed in the ACC, but nationally.”

ALZtogether was established to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia within the college sports community. Leveraging the platform of college athletics allows the program to engage with a significant and influential audience. Student athletes contribute to ALZtogether by promoting awareness, fundraising for the Alzheimer's Association, and dedicating their games to someone dear to them who has been impacted by Alzheimer's. Workscape's pledge to donate $20 for each ace scored throughout the season not only helped to propel Pitt volleyball and ALZTogether, but also emphasized Workscape and Pitt’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the sporting arena.

“With [Workscape’s] support, Pitt volleyball will continue to rise to new heights,” explained coach Fisher. This season, the team not only broke attendance records at home in the Fitzgerald Fieldhouse, but they also made it all the way to the NCAA tournament semi-finals.

Further solidifying our commitment to uplifting women's sports, Workscape was also the presenting partner for Pitt women's soccer for their historic 2023 season. Of course, this partnership wasn't just about victories on the field; it was about maintaining connections with local foundations that held significant meaning for the soccer team.

Workscape's pledge to donate $20 for each shot on goal to the Kaitlyn "Moe" Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation showcased both organization’s commitment to community involvement. The foundation is dedicated to offering opportunities and support to female soccer student-athletes who demonstrate qualities such as leadership, passion, character, academic excellence, and a genuine love for the sport. It aims to facilitate the translation of these attributes into the pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence at the collegiate level. “Our team is grateful for Workscape’s sponsorship this season and in particular working with the Kaitlyn ‘Moe’ Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation”, stated head coach Randy Waldrum. "It’s having sponsors like Workscape that our team was able to achieve a NCAA Elite 8 appearance and finish the season as the nation’s #6 ranked team nationally.”

Both Pitt and Workscape’s commitment to charitable causes and local foundations not only elevated the performance of the teams, but also strengthened the bonds within the community. As we celebrate the successes of Pitt volleyball and soccer in the 2023 season, we extend our gratitude to the athletes, coaches and foundations that helped transform dreams into reality!

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