Framery - The Modern Approach to Hybrid Work Environments

May 10, 2022

he COVID-19 pandemic caused companies and small businesses around the world to adapt to ever-changing mandates and social distancing protocols. Many moved fully remote while others could not sacrifice the in-person collaboration that occurs in an office space.

Framery targets hybrid workspaces by providing soundproof pods, booths, and privacy solutions. Founded in 2010, Framery’s motive revolved around noisy offices and workspaces. Studies show that it takes the average person 20 minutes to regain focus after a minor distraction. Framery promises that their pods reduce overall distraction and improve focus among the entire office.

They recognize that meeting spaces are not utilized as they once were. Meetings among co-workers or clients tend to be held in smaller groups or virtually. These pods allow employees to join video chats without distractions or disrupting others.

Rather than overspending on constructing newer, smaller office spaces, Framery offers a variety of sizes for any need. Their models include: the Framery One, Framery O, Framery Q, Framery 2Q. Each pod follows their signature design, is complete with air ventilation, and soft acoustics. In addition, consumers can customize their pods to fit their companies’ needs. Depending on the model, Framery pods can host any capacity ranging from one to six people.

Here at Workscape, we have a Framery pod of our own. Complete with a desk and accompanying chair, it is a hot spot for employees during virtual meetings or conference calls. Workscape is an overly collaborative work environment, so the pod allows productive meetings with no distraction. The soundproof feature is certainly put to the test since the pod is located next to a meeting space. Despite the close proximity, meetings occur simultaneously almost daily with no issues.

Framery’s tagline “Serious About Happiness” holds true at Workscape as well as other successful companies. Examples include Microsoft, Puma, Deloitte, and LinkedIn. At Workscape, employees work on a 4-1 schedule which allows for one remote day per week. Our showroom Framery pod allows privacy when working with people who are outside of the office.

In June, some of our team traveled to Chicago for NeoCon. They were lucky enough to stop by the Framery showroom and test out some of the larger models.

Hybrid work environments show no signs of slowing down in the future, so it is imperative to create spaces in the office that allow for communication with minimal distraction. Framery pods grant this wish for any circumstance.

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