How to Construkt During a Pandemic

Jul 17, 2020

s a woman-held and led business in the construction space, the Workscape team is thrilled that Pennsylvania state government has allowed construction to continue while implementing strict safety rules. Few industries are better suited to handle the increased safety concerns than construction. Developing a safety plan and monitoring compliance are commonplace activities for GC’s and these new regulations should not pose any real problem for them.

The big issue for GC’s is how to handle a smaller workforce on-site and still hit their targeted completion date? Smaller on-site crews are required to enforce proper social distancing, but that is at odds with the end user’s most important measurement of a successful job - completing a project on time.

Off-site construction, or pre-fab, offers an attractive solution to this two-headed problem. Off-site construction means fewer workers are needed on the job site, as many pre-assembly steps are completed at the factory, including electrical boxes, conduit, studs, and painting. Pre-made electrical systems and factory-installed glass also substantially reduce the amount of time and manpower needed on-site compared to conventional stick-built construction. In fact, with the added restrictions due to COVID a universal roadblock, it is likely that pre-fab construction will be less expensive and a higher quality than conventional construction in most applications. 

Shaving weeks off the schedule and lowering overall costs in this uncertain time? It seems like a no-brainer in today’s post-COVID world.

DIRTT is North America’s leader in pre-fabricated interiors and their lead-times are still the envy of the industry. Let the team at Construkt, western Pennsylvania’s exclusive DIRTT dealer, help get you back on track!

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