LegalSifter Sound Masking

Dec 2, 2020

orkscape, a leading sound masking solution provider in the greater Pittsburgh region, has been supporting growing businesses solve office noise challenges for over two decades. Controlling sound is an especially critical with technology startups, whose rapid growth usually leads to a high office density compared to the typical business.

Workscape's recent collaboration with LegalSifter, an AI-centric legal solution based in the Strip District, is a testament to how a well-crafted solution can improve productivity and privacy, even in a very open plan layout.

“While our space gives us room to grow in the future, we knew the office noise would be an issue and called Dave at Workscape,” noted Operations Director Stefanie Zukowski.

While LegalSifter's building had its idiosyncrasies, Workscape's President Dave Sauter was able to customize the installation to maximize its effectiveness.

“Each building has its own unique acoustical signature and challenges.  This space had an unusually high ceiling and lots a hard surfaces throughout.”

Workscape matched a great space with a great sound masking solution. Says Zukowski, “We couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out and it wouldn’t have been complete without the great solution and service from the Workscape team.”

Whether you are a growing local startup or an established business, feel free to reach out to Workscape for a free consultation on how sound masking can improve your business environment.

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