Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

Oct 23, 2020

In June, Workscape worked with Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh tofix up the home of a senior citizen in McKeesport, PA. It was a rewarding dayafter the team was in quarantine throughout the spring. Workscape’s group ofvolunteers participated in the organization’s first event since the COVIDshutdown.

“Your team is a bit famous, as youwere our first volunteer group coming out of the COVID shut down,” noted AndyHromoko, Jr., the Special Projects Manager for Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.“You folks sure set a great example of how we can continue volunteer groups usingthe model your team deployed.”

Founded in 1993, with the help of The Master Builders Association ofWestern Pennsylvania and the Greater Pennsylvania Regional Councilof Carpenters, RTP participates in over 150 home rehab projects each year.The organization supports low-income homeowners, veterans, senior citizens, andpeople with physical disabilities through the support of volunteers and a smallstaff.

Workscape volunteers were proud tohave been able to giveback to the community and could not say enough positivethings about the experience.

Construkt designer Michelle Roman felt that volunteeringwith RTP was nothing short of awesome. “Not only was it a great learningexperience given the relation to our professional industry, the giving back tothe community was the real reward,” she said. “Sometimes it’s a struggle tofind the ‘good heartedness’ in your daily work and so this made for a reallyawesome day. I personally enjoyed every minute of the experience and hope tohave the opportunity to work with them again in the future. I can now install akitchen floor!”

As part of our continuing commitmentto giving back to the community, Workscape looks forward to future volunteerefforts with Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.

“You told us all along your team were"Doers" and you sure were right,” said Hromoko. “Before I left thehouse yesterday, (the homeowner) could not say enough of how wonderful you wereto her. She had such a smile on her face all day, and I actually got a textfrom her this morning saying thank you again and to tell you all how much sheappreciated the work but especially your kindness.”

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