Supply chain issues getting you down?

Jan 17, 2022

y now, we all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unforeseen challenges to every aspect of our lives. Supply chain disruptions popped up everywhere last year and unfortunately, the office furniture industry was not spared. Delayed product caused universal stress and chaos, leaving us all wondering what to do next.

Despite the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, clients were still moving forward with new spaces and therefore in need of office furniture.

With the help of our project partner, Baker Young Corporation, the process of securing a beautiful, new office space for our client, Venture Engineering, was complete. The furniture was selected and ordered within the client’s timeline, and it was expected it to be business-as-usual from there. Unfortunately, when Venture’s furniture installation was finally set to begin, pandemic-related supply chain issues reared their ugly head and presented our team with some unique curveballs.

“This job was an exercise in coming up with creative solutions and working closely with our installation team to overcome supply chain issues, so that there was no delay in moving employees into their new space,” says Project Manager, Molly Snee.

With the knowledge of our experienced team, the power of thorough communication and excellent problem-solving skills, the client’s National private offices and Knoll workstations came together without a hitch and all employees had a workstation in time for move-in.

“It was a challenging process, but a truly beautiful end result!” says Snee.

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