Try Street Terminal 21 Apartments

Jul 31, 2020

orkscape recently had the opportunity to work with the Davis Company to revitalize the Try Street Terminal, a former freight terminal and warehouse listed in the National Register of Historical Places. This structure, housed in the Central Business District and built in 1921, was being redeveloped into luxury loft-style apartments. Strada, the architect on the job, was faced with a task of bringing an eclectic vibe to a historic building, all while on a budget. 

From day one, this project provided challenges as well as rewards noted Mary Butterfield, VP of Sales at Workcape.

“This project had multiple A&D firms bidding, resulting in us coming in late to the design process,” said Mary. “To create the right feel, we needed to bring multiple furniture manufacturers into the project, including ones Workscape has never worked with before. It was a team effort and required a capable designer and project coordinator being on the same page. These two were the MVPs behind the scenes, especially on the back end where they managed the complicated logistics of ordering from both retail and commercial companies!” 

Despite a unique design mandate and a tight timeframe, the space turned out beautifully. The modern and inviting atmosphere appealed to younger professional demographics, especially the bowling alley lounge which was Mary’s favorite part of the project.

The other Workscape Mary on this project, Mary Whitmore, was the lead designer and tasked with building out a contemporary look.

She noted, "The wide variety of manufacturers used offered an intriguing challenge for coordinating desired finishes and fabrics. Most of these vendors on this job were ones we’ve never worked with, such as BOB modular sofas and Scandinavian Spaces. Their funky accent pieces were the perfect touch!”

Mary added that the challenge of this job was also part of the reward.

“Overall, this was a creatively satisfying project. The end product felt all the more rewarding when all of those parts and pieces come together in eclectic harmony.”

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