Workscape Collaborates with Global Links for Surplus Product Donation

Jun 14, 2023

orkscape's commitment to making a positive impact was evident in their recent surplus product donation to Global Links, an organization focusing on healthcare initiatives in underserved areas of developing nations. By utilizing DIRTT's environmentally-conscious construction system from Workscape’s previous showroom, the partnership between Workscape and Global Links not only strengthened healthcare infrastructure but also contributed to a greener future.

Bolivia's remote regions, nestled within the Andes Mountains and Amazon, pose unique healthcare challenges. Limited transportation options, often restricted to foot or boat, necessitate primary care services due to the impracticality of reaching distant hospitals. Global Links addresses these challenges by partnering with communities to enhance municipal public health systems and prevent unnecessary deaths from childbirth and disease.

Workscape's donation, primarily through DIRTT walls, showcases a dedication to sustainability through its universal interface, interchangeable parts, and maximum product life cycle. This commitment to non-obsolescence ensures that new DIRTT components can quickly adapt to various environments, optimizing resource utilization.

The arrival of DIRTT and other products was a significant boon to the Cocapata community. Cocapata, home to 18,076 inhabitants, with 90% living below the poverty line, received much-needed support. Global Links concentrated efforts on Cocapata's healthcare infrastructure. Thanks to Workscape's surplus, they furnished 11 health centers and 8 health posts, catering to around 4,863 patients annually. These facilities now offer primary care, emergency, obstetric, and gynecological services.

DIRTT walls not only enhance corporate spaces but also provide an eco-friendly solution when repurposed in non-profit organizations like Global Links. Even after serving their purpose in corporate settings, DIRTT walls can be disassembled and reconfigured with minimal waste, aligning with DIRTT's sustainability commitment. By extending the life cycle of these walls, they contribute to reduced environmental impact and a circular economy.

The partnership among Workscape, DIRTT, and Global Links underscores the intrinsic link between sustainability and humanitarian efforts. Redirecting surplus resources from corporate settings to healthcare facilities in need, Workscape and DIRTT contribute to both social and environmental well-being. This synergy creates a win-win situation and fosters positive change in Bolivian healthcare. Embracing sustainability and repurposing surplus resources, Workscape and DIRTT exemplify a commitment to leaving a lasting impact on communities and the environment.

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