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Air Purification Systems

Proactively improve your workplace’s indoor air quality in this post-Covid environment through Workscape’s medical grade purification products.

Health authorities such as CDC have noted that medical grade air systems provide a significant level of protection against air borne viruses, specifically Covid-19. Workscape’s innovative system uses HEPA-Rx filters and UV-C light to comprehensively trap and eliminate harmful pathogens in the air. Even better, companies can realize a safer office without breaking the bank, as these solutions allow for the lowest cost per cubic foot of air due to their targeted nature and plug-and-play installation. When combined with its visually pleasing form, Workscape’s air purification products are a no-brainer for all companies returning to work in the coming year.

Remove 99.998% of Viruses, Bacterias, and Fungus

The Air Purifier draws air in from 360 degrees around the device. As the air is drawn through the bottom of the unit, it passes through the HEPA-Rx Filter, the Activated Carbon Filter, and the Germicidal UV-C+Photocatalytic Nano-TiO2 chamber.  

At the final stage, the purified air moves through the Revitalizing Negative Ion Generators near the air outlet and releases negative ions into the air.

Why Air Purification?

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Moves a lot of air

Easily cleans and purifies large workspaces. Move up to 24,200 cubic feet of air per hour at medium setting.

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Low total cost

Lowest cost per cubic foot of air cleaned over a five-year period.

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Robust technology

Multiple distinct stages that filter, sterilize, and re-energize indoor air.

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Whisper quiet

Sound engineering allows a large airflow at < 50db.

"My personal medical condition makes me acutely concerned about Covid-19 and other airborne viruses. The combination of HEPA filter and UV light that this device has is very reassuring to me and my family."

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