Celebrating Women's History Month

Mar 7, 2022

t Workscape, we’re proud to be a Women-owned Business Enterprise and we love to celebrate women every day. In honor of Women’s History Month, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask some of our female employees what it means to them to work at a WBE and to tell us about their female role models. Read on for their answers.

Says Tesha Ellison, Workscape’s People Person, on her female role model, “My mother is my female role model. As a single parent of 3, she was dedicated to the success and survival of her children.  She assisted in the development of others while working for Pittsburgh Public Schools and having an open door for all our family and friends. I also live by the words of Maya Angelo’s 'Phenomenal Woman'. It elevates my sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance.”

“Having been a Girl Scout for 12 years and then attending a historically Women’s University directly after, I’ve been immersed in the importance of women’s leadership for most of my formative years,” explains Workscape Interior Designer, Mary Whitmore, “In addition, I try to support women owned businesses whenever I can, so to be part of a WBE in my professional life simply makes sense. I believe supporting the growth and success of WBE directly feeds into further opportunities for Women’s Leadership in current and future generations.”

Workscape Account Manager, Marisa D’Ascenzo describes why working at a WBE is important to her, “Being a woman, working at a WBE gives me a sense of strength. The design and construction industry can be overwhelming, but I never feel like my thoughts or opinions don’t matter here. It is also empowering to see what the women in this company have accomplished over the years. It is highly motivating to continue to give my best each day.”

“The Honorable Judge Constance Baker Motley,” says Workscape Interior Designer Miv Laschon when asked about her female role model. “She was a family friend and growing up I was able to spend some time with her and her family as well. Part of her legacy is that she was the nation's first African American woman to serve as a federal judge. She also had a major role during the civil rights movement, working on the Brown vs. Board of Education case to desegregate schools. She is one of my role models because she broke racial and gender barriers, and she paved the way for all of us.”

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