Speech Privacy and Achieving WELL Certification for the Office

Jan 20, 2021

hile most see sound masking as a productivity or privacy feature, few understand its importance in creating a healthy work environment. In fact, speech privacy solutions are a key part of WELL certification, which ensures workplaces improve their inhabitants’ health and well-being.


As a full-service architecture and design firm heading into its sixth decade, Desmone Architects looked to revitalize and enhance a century year old building that originally housed the Pennsylvania National Bank via the WELL methodology. To align with this program, Desmone needed to minimize unwanted conversational noise with a sound masking solution.


“Noise has an impact on employees and can be a significant source of stress” said Workscape co-founder Dave Sauter. “Studies have shown that up to 85% of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate. Sound masking is a good tool to help improve the overall office experience.”


Terence Oden of Desmone had a positive experience partnering with Workscape on this aspect of their build out.


Terry noted that “Our office found that (Workscape)delivered a great interior solution that met our Gold Well Building needs. This included a sound masking system that effectively helps with the inter-office dialogue within the open floor plan.” He added, “Workscape was quite instructional in the system’s use and paid careful attention to the system placement making it integral to this interior environment.”


As the first local company to achieve WELL Gold Certification, Desmone Architects has established a precedent for other Pittsburgh businesses looking to optimize their workspace for productivity and workers’ well-being. Workscape learned much from participating in this ground-breaking process.


Dave agreed, noting “It was very interesting to learn that the WELL program emphasized employee wellness and the role that acoustics has. We selected Dynasound as a partner due to the precise level of tuning it allows in adapting to the building’s unique acoustical signature.“


If you are looking to enhance your space as part of a holistic workplace solution or simply want to increase speech privacy, reach out to the team at Workscape and let us know how we can help!

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