Neo Con & MillerKnoll Design Days 2024: A Celebration of Quality, Sustainability, and Timeless Design

Jun 17, 2024

he energy was palpable as design enthusiasts and industry professionals flocked to the hallways of the Merchandise Mart and the streets of Fulton Market for NeoCon and MillerKnoll Design Days 2024. The event, known for its vibrant atmosphere, did not disappoint. The bustling crowds and lively discussions set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

This year, MillerKnoll adopted a distinctive strategy for Design Days, emphasizing quality and sustainability. They showcased the innovation, high standards, and new products from the entire MillerKnoll brand collective. Design Days provided an exclusive insight into how MillerKnoll’s “Design with Impact” approach is reshaping the workplace. Across MillerKnoll’s showrooms, new products showcased how innovation, quality, and fresh points of view are driving MillerKnoll.

At the heart of the event were two standout themes: quality and sustainability. The “Test Lab” showcased MillerKnoll's commitment to excellence, presenting their innovations with a museum-quality precision that highlighted the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and durability. Meanwhile, the “Second Nature” displays emphasized sustainability in an equally impressive manner, demonstrating MillerKnoll's efforts to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their designs. These exhibits were not just informative, but inspiring, showing the industry how sustainable design can be both beautiful and functional.

NeoCon’s offerings this year were particularly notable for their focus on flexibility and adaptability. The furniture designed for flexible use spaces was a highlight, characterized by mobility, light scale, and reconfigurability. These pieces are perfect for modern offices that require versatile solutions to accommodate various needs and preferences.

Another trend that stood out was the emphasis on creating cozy, residential-feeling environments. The settings designed by many manufacturers were warm and inviting, providing a homely atmosphere that encourages relaxation and comfort. This approach reflects a growing desire for spaces that balance functionality with a sense of well-being.

In our increasingly connected world, the need for privacy and quiet moments is more important than ever. Manufacturers addressed this by introducing privacy pods and nooks – perfect retreats for those needing a break from the hustle and bustle. These innovative designs offer secluded spaces for focused work or quiet relaxation, catering to the diverse needs of today's workspace.

A notable aesthetic trend at the event was the use of matte finishes. From quartz to black wood stain and metals, these finishes added a sophisticated touch to the furniture pieces, enhancing their visual appeal and modernity.

Sustainability remained a core focus, with manufacturers showcasing numerous products made from ocean-bound plastic and other recycled materials. This commitment to reusing materials not only addresses environmental concerns but also demonstrates companies’ innovative approach to sustainable design.

Design Days and NeoCon 2024 were a testament to many manufacturers’ visions of creating high-quality, sustainable, and timeless designs. It highlighted how brands continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs and tastes of its audience, all while maintaining a strong commitment to the principles that define its legacy.

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