Partners in the Pandemic

May 15, 2021

hen it came time for KTA-Tator to explore the possibilities for their new office space, they knew they wanted a furniture partner to help them through every step of the process – from programming and finish selection to post-installation customer support. KTA found just what they were looking for in Workscape.

Working alongside JLL’s design team, KTA-Tator and Workscape kicked off their furniture partnership during the beginning theCOVID-19 pandemic. Due to these unique circumstances, the entire project - including the bid process, furniture selections, and client meetings - was handled virtually. Even the furniture mock-ups were installed at an ancillary site and toured remotely.

Despite the unorthodox processes, the decision-making process was seamless and every KTA employee was able to have a say in the design of the project. Kevin Martz, Vice President of Sales at Workscape, said that the success of the project can be attributed to various things.

“The project was meticulously planned and there was great communication throughout between tenant rep, tenant, and vendors,” Martz said. “The client ended up with a modern and personalized solution that maximized the potential of the space.”

Notably, KTA’s office was split into departments- referred to as “neighborhoods.”

“We were challenged with giving each neighborhood a unique look, while keeping a cohesive aesthetic throughout the building,” Marisa D’Ascenzo, Workscape’s Interior Designer, said of the space. “We planned for fluid movement of furniture and people as the spaces are used, so any piece of lounge furniture could end up in a different ‘neighborhood’ and still fit in with the colors of the space. We were able to incorporate and mix so many different colors by maintaining neutral grey tones on larger pieces of furniture and introducing pops of color and pattern into side seating or smaller accessories.”

KTA’s new office is now a showcase of much that Workscape has to offer - Knoll workstations and offices, a café area with Muuto tables and chairs, conference rooms, huddle rooms, and collaboration spaces. The real showstopper is the heart of the building - the Great Hall - furnished with a fun blend of ancillary pieces to create a communal area that pulls together KTA’s employees.


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