Two New Classic Chairs

Dec 15, 2022

his year, MillerKnoll released two new chairs that are sure to be classics. The Zeph and the Newson Task chairs are both timeless designs that will elevate your everyday office environment in whatever way you choose to use them.

The Zeph - Herman Miller’s least expensive task chair -“exudes the cozy charm of a knit sweater.” With a versatile design, the Zeph can be used in a multitude of settings. It makes a great conference or huddle room chair and feels just right at a desk in your home office or workspace. The chair is not only comfortable but stylish. According to Herman Miller, the Zeph has a “unique blend of midcentury modern aesthetics and science-backed ergonomics.” Perfect for injecting some color into your space -the shell is available in seven colors and the seat pad in fifteen fabrics – the chair gives you plenty of options to let your creativity shine. Other exceptional features of the Zeph include a sophisticated, “kinematic mono-shell” that gives you complete ergonomic support, without any need for adjustments. With the Zeph, not only do you get innovative ergonomic support and a high-level of design for a deal, but you also get a quality chair made with zero waste and a woven cover created with 50% recycled fibers.

Knoll’s Newson task chair was created by industrial designer Marc Newson and was recently named “The Best of Year” by Interior Design Magazine. This ergonomic task chair is a true thing of beauty – its outline forms one uninterrupted line –and the Newson task’s “cantilevered shape is made possible by a brand-new tilt innovation — one that flips the mechanism vertically, so it’s concealed cleverly beneath the seat,” giving it the appearance of floating. In Fast Company’s article about the chair, Newson himself explained that designing a task chair is no easy feat. “They simply have to do too many things,” he clarified. People spend hours upon hours a day in their task chairs, so they need to be comfortable. However, the sad reality is that making a task chair beautiful is sometimes an afterthought. Newson took this unfortunate truth and turned it on its head, creating a visually attractive task chair that is also quite comfortable.

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